Sunday, May 23, 2010

Gila kits are crazy. and awesome.

The dual Kvernmo Pinto projects are coming along slowly but surely, every day a little closer.
Recently I bought a Gilardoni kit. These things really are beautiful. They have a HUGE reed cage and just really nice finishing all around.
Gila Reed hole
gila reed cage
gila ports

And look at the difference between the gila reeds and the 4 petal polini:
polini reed cage, gila reed cage

I took these photos this morning with the intention that the crappy pictures on the moped army wiki of puch kits could be updated, do you have a puch kit and the ability to take pictures that aren't blurry? Help me, help the wiki.


  1. You seem very driven to deliver sharp photographs. One might say, you are very focused.

  2. I kinda like those gilas....

    Lots of untapped potential there, if your not afraid to start cutting :)

  3. i just got my first gila too, with the 24tm and destroyer its been by far the most stress free kit install/breakin/tuning ive experienced. and im going high 50s with my magura only able to open the carb up 2/3s the way!