Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Meat and Metal.

I've been doing a lot of grilling lately and I've tackled some new meats. For example, earlier this month I've cooked a brisket, two pork shoulders, baby back ribs, and made a really awesome stew.
Here are some pictures of the ribs:
I feel like I've learned a lot about how meat cooks from a chemical standpoint so it's been pretty fun. Also, for christmas Rosanna got this cookbook for me.

It's a really great book, it is a series of interviews with butchers and a couple of their favorite recipes. I think I'm going to make a tenderloin this week.

A couple of days before Christmas I went with Matt Smith down to the hinterlands of washington, I'm not sure where we were but I do know that we crossed the tacoma narrows bridge. We were on a rescue mission to pull an old dock out of the lake at his family's cabin. Here is "Man" Smith pulling the dock using only his pinkies.

The mopeds are still coming along nicely. I went to the wizard lair to do some serious damage on the mermaid bike.
I cut the forks down 2.5". Naz welded them and I think that it improved the stance a lot. At least now it doesn't look quite so American Choppers.

I got the disc brake properly spaced and I cut a bunch of material out of the caliper bracket, it's looking pretty sexy now.

DEATHped still needs forks, I've put so much time and care into getting this bike just perfect, it would be a shame to put some plain EBR's on it. So I'm saving for hydros. The rear end is pretty much done, I just need to put on the rear gear and then the chain and a taillight. I'm not sure how I feel about the red and black pedal chain. Too much red? Nah, it's appropriately obnoxious.

As these bikes come close to completion my mind starts drifting towards the other projects. Do I immediately start souping up the hobbit? I have two puch frames now (a chopped maxi and a wierdo colorshift pinto), should I build another puch? Should I slap a polini on the derbi? Rebuild the Hercules so Phil has a running bike to ride in Seattle? Only time and monetary concerns will tell.

Friday, December 10, 2010


Wow, it has been a busy and productive week in Kastle Kvernmo.
On Saturday we had a crowd of Mosquito Fleeters over for a holiday dinner. Eighteen people all stuffed into our tiny home around one long table. It was great. My contribution for the dinner was one 9 lb pork shoulder. I put the rub on the meat a couple of days ahead of time and let it sit in the fridge. The morning of the dinner I got up to start the grill at 3:30 am. I tended the meat all day and by 5:00 pm it was deeeeelicious. Sadly though, I have no photo evidence of the magnificent feast.
UPDATE: one out of focus polaroid was found as evidence of the debauchery:
MF holiday dinner 2010
DEATHped finally has some appropriate shocks, I ordered some 320mm adjustables. I really think that the black fits nicely. The wheels are currently being trued by none other than Haulin' Colin.
The Mermaid bike is really taking shape. Rosanna and I started assembling the parts and it is really coming together nicely. The disc brake assembly is fitting well and once I have everything perfectly fitted I will start hacking the caliper bracket down to a more aesthetically pleasing shape.
The bike as a whole is finally rolling. Some things remain; chains, a pipe, a seat, handlebars, and cables, but really this is a far sight further along than ever.
This tank is of course not THE mermaid tank but merely a placeholder. The forks need to be shortened by about two and a half inches which I hear is a relatively simple process.
I'll tease you with a glimpse of a project Rosanna and I have been working on. Can you spy what this is?
And finally, in sad news, Phil (Responsible Jon) and his wife have moved to Indiana. It's too bad they had to go but they have an opportunity too good to pass up. I helped them pack up the truck and they stayed one night with Rosanna and I before they hit the ol' dusty trail. Here, in video form, is their last rainy moments in Seattle.