Monday, May 10, 2010

This one is for my baby boo.

So the derbi is still a little sick. Not pooping your pants sick, just like a cold that won't go away.
Specifically, everything is running good, the jetting is pretty much right on, the timing is extra nice, and the bike goes at a pretty good clip, however, right about when I get up to top speed and I'm thinking, "Yeah! Finally this thing is solid." And then it goes, "Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah." If you can't figure out what that onomatopoeia means, basically it's like I run out of gas instantly. Not the zing noise like a seize, or a sputter noise like a fouled plug, no this is like I just cut the kill switch or ran the tank dry instantly. I have a theory that involves fuel flow but I can't be sure.
So in the meantime while I try to figure out the inexplicable, I'm improving the things that I DO know how to fix.

1) 12mm x 220mm Super Strong 10.9 axle.

This is 20mm longer than the stock axle. I really wanted the low-end power and long seat of the derbi to be put to good use so I bought some buddy pegs and this longer heavy duty axle so my boo can ride on the back. I'm really excited, we'll see how excited Rosanna is.

2)M6 set screws for my variator weights.

So Naz in his infinite handiness turned some weights for me out of a plastic material called Delron. Isn't Delron a mans name? Anyway, this material is pretty much perfect for variator weights if not just a tiny little bit too light. Hmmm how to increase the weight just a tiny little bit... Ah HAH! By tapping those delron weights with a tiny M6 set screw I can incrementally increase the weight. (By the way this was in no way my brilliant idea. This is all Naz, all the time.) So I bought two sets, M6 x 6mm and M6 x 8mm. Hopefully they should do the trick.

3)TJT Clutch Springs

I haven't been home to look at these things yet but I should have these fancy lads sitting on my desk when I get home.


While googling for the pictures above, I found these pictures from the netherrealm of Cupertino:

What the What?!
Well apparently the cuperteens have already done the EXACT same pipe modification that I did but they beat me by about 10 months. Dang. Well, good job gentlemen, you reign supreme in the land of Derbi.


  1. I would re-enforce my axle if I thought I was going to haul around my BFW, but she likes to ride her own bike.

  2. I ran into the same running problem a million years ago on my Vespa VBB; my head was slightly warped, it would warm up and lose compression.

  3. sorry about being too fast. The clearance on those pipes was amazing. the 1st was reworked for the gila, but then I had to re-do it for the 60cc flat reed kit. It looked funny but worked well.