Thursday, March 12, 2009

False starts, restarts, etc.

So I am going to build up a JC Penney Pinto. I've always really liked the body style and as I've learned more about moped frames I've realized that tube frames are totally where it's at. Pinto's have a great stiff feel to their ride that really snaps through turns. This is my plan in rough order:
-Tear down the frame and simplify the look of it; cut off the side panel tabs, reposition the high tension coil, rebuild the bottom end, etc.
-Strengthen the motor mount
-Install a Tillotson carb
-Install a CDI unit
-Ride and tune for a while
-Tear down again and paint/or powdercoat

Here is what the Pinto looked like when I started:
Initially I was going to paint first and build the engine off the bike. But when I got home from California it didn't take long for me to get impatient and just cannibalize most of my maxi onto the Pinto.

Thus far I have already torn down and rebuilt the whole bike and strengthened the motor mount.

I will post pictures of the Pinto's current iteration soon.

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