Tuesday, October 26, 2010

DEATHtank and various other things.

Oh man! DEATHped is getting close. Yesterday I went to the wizard lair and got a lot of work done. I got the tank, magneto cover, and headlight bucket all powdercoated in a deathly wrinkle black.
I'm not entirely positive what the deal is with that bike, but when I held that tank in it's completed form something happened.
It's probably nothing. Anyway, the bike is starting to come together nicely, I still need some essentials; forks, shocks, seat, tires, chains, etc. But really, I swear, it's coming together.
The wheels are pretty much done, just truing remains. Just for info sake, the final equipment needed to convert loose bearing leilu (sp?) wheels to sealed bearings are:
-180mm M12 bolt x1 + washer and lock nut
-150mm M12 bolt x1 + washer and lock nut
- 6001zz sealed bearing x4
-.5mm shim stock
-Loctite 262
-.5" Nom. Aluminum Pipe
Estimated cost, ~$30.
I also got an 18 tooth freewheel which should give me a little more pedaling speed. Probably unnecessary, but neat nevertheless.


  1. hey Joel!
    I just did the same bearing conversion as you, actually BECAUSE of you and phil are cool enough to share your methods - how did it work out?

    Mine was good when spinning the axle in my hands, something sad happened after mounting it in the fork and i got a lil wobble now.

  2. Hmm... it might be something to do with the axle spacer. Are the spacers (both in the hub and outside the bearings) nice and square? if they were cut at an angle at all, the bearing could eventually slip. Those spacers need to be pretty tight tolerances. I'm just saying that it sounds like a spacer issue because if it was good when everything was in there loose, but then started acting funny when you tightened up the axle in the forks... Anyway, that's my thought.
    I wouldn't really say that mine are completely done yet because I still need to get them trued, throw on some tubes and tires and ride it around. Good luck!

  3. Thats a great point.. i didnt file down the pipe i used for the spacer after i cut it up, and those pipe cutters do leave kind of jagged weird edges. I'm going to try that out. Good luck to you as well -

  4. alan built a bike for serene and it's the exact color combo, which is the opposite color combo of the bike i powder coated for tony. lots of red and black puchs!