Friday, June 5, 2009

Living the plush life, oh yeah!

It's been lean times here at Kastle Kvernmo. Despite what you may have heard, unemployment is not the key to wealth and fast mopeds. But times are changing my friends! I have been employed for a whole two months! WHOOOOOO! Call the Ferrari dealership, I'm putting my down payment on my new car!

Hmmmm.... not really. But I did have enough money to purchase some new parts.
Rosanna can hardly contain her glee:

In related news, my friend Brett Walker moved to San Francisco recently. I wish him well and hope he has great success. The bright side of his egress from Ballard, WA is the moped parts I was able to snag from him while he was vulnerable and worried about transporting it all. The resulting plunder I acquired made it possible for me to cobble together another running bike.

Some of you may recognize the forks and rear struts. This is v.3 of "the orange and ______ bike" and I feel that this is the best iteration yet. The Pinto is going to be getting a major overhaul both cosmetically as well as structurally, so you can eagerly look forward to update on that I'm sure. In the meantime, the pinto motor has to think about what it did wrong.

This Orange and Black bike will be getting an Athena 70cc kit put on it as soon as I can get an intake fashioned for it along with some weird 20mm(?) Mikuni knockoff carb that takes Dellorto jets.

That's all for now, more moped improvements on the way!


  1. Punishment or alone time is often an effective measure to help put a moped motor back into working order.

  2. unemployment can SUCK IT, hooray for jobs (money).