Thursday, June 11, 2009

Jankiness all around.

By Rosanna

Apparently, I am no judge of when a bike has reached the 'too-janky-to-be-ridden' point. I'm like a frog in a pot of slowly boiling water. After Joel's moped had a near apocalyptic fail on Tuesday (making me near apoplectic*) and we had been rescued by the gallant Scooby/Snordes/Knight in Shining White Van, Joel used my moped for a quick errand run. He returned a little, uh, perturbed, saying 'I CAN'T believe you ride that thing every day. It is a rattling death trap'.

*Joel HARD SEIZED A STOCK BIKE (really, the crank locked up) and it didn't really make me apoplectic, I just couldn't resist the verbal play. I have no self-control.

So both wheels need to be tightened, so my stabilizator (fork brace to those not in the know) broke last week and I haven't managed to replace it yet. So my shocks are completely worn out (because it used to belong to a certain somebody who jumped it off every curb in sight). So I have begun to avoid certain roads like the plague they are (the road by gas works is especially scary). Eh, what are you going to do?

I've been saying for weeks, if not months, that it felt like my wheels were a bit wobbly. But does anyone listen? One day, Joel comes home from moped monday and informs me that Michael Mike is of the opinion that my wheels are wobbly and they need to be tightened. O good, I'm glad we got that figured out. But, mopeds around here always seem like fires that need to be put out. Let's just say my wheels have not been a priority.

Also, after re-jetting post-LA rally, my low-end has suffered tremendously. Tuesday night, a new stabilizator was put on the red and gold (I was a stickler and made sure it was painted black before being put on the bike) and then as we were running out the door wednesday morning, Joel raised the needle clip in my carburetor. It felt like I was riding a new bike! It was so stable. It was quite zippy. We even went along Northlake Way (the road by gas works) and it wasn't nearly as heart-attack inducing as it has been recently. Woot! for minor changes that actually make a difference.

In other fun news: the mermaid bike is making surprisingly fast progress. I was resigned to patiently waiting for the parts as funding allowed, but everything is flowing along quite smoothly. I got a 70cc treats kit, basically the alukit with a flat exhaust port. On monday, I port-matched my engine to the kit. All by myself. It was exciting.

Basically I need to get a few misc. parts here and there (shocks, throttle assembly blah blah). I'm working on patterns for my exhaust pipe today. All in all, progress is being made folks.

Well, Joel just announced that we're having a wheel and brake clinic right now, so off I go.


  1. If you did it all on your own, who took the picture?

  2. i didn't say "all alone", i said "all on my own".