Monday, May 11, 2009

Uh Oh Travis...

Travis better get that Top Tank Hobbit on the road so he can earn some bragging rights. There has been a lot of talk lately about top tank hobbits on the MA forums. So far they all seem to look like half ass attempts to slap a top-tank onto a hobbit frame and none of them have the really proper finished look and style of a ground-up build. Travis has been slaving away, really taking his time to produce a beautiful and well running "magnum-esque hobbit".

And then today pictures surfaced of a hobbit with a top tank at the Motion Left moped rally this last weekend. Which brings me to the title of this post. Uh oh Travis. Looks like someone out there is actually stepping up the level of detail in the "Magnobbit" competition.


As I see it, Travis has two advantages in this battle,
1) He strove for hobbit accuracy and painted the whole thing as close to stock as possible. When you look at his bike you have to take a double take to figure out if it is some freak one off Honda product.

2) This other hobbit has a seat on it that says three things, "I bought this from Treats", "It's supposed to go on a 103", "I painted my bike to match the seat."

Ding ding

In the first Magnobbit head-to-head match I pronounce Travis the winner based on originality, detail and accuracy of colors.

Let this be a lesson to us all, the Magnobbits are coming!


  1. Dude's bike is ug-lee. I hate that seat on any bike. I tried to pedal my bike the other day with Phil watching over me and the pedal chain snapped in two. I blame Phil. Real Magnum should be up and running this week tho. Hobbit Magnum is just collecting dust. And I think Chris Stewart is making a top tank Hobbit too. His bike will be the bell of the ball for sure.

  2. Saw that white hobbit at WBII and it made me look twice. It would have been cool if he didn't ust that suuuuper ugly seat. I think the yellow hobbit wins.

  3. He really did snap the pedal chain from torque alone. That man has massive calf muscles.