Monday, May 11, 2009

Blog updates... 2 in 1 day!

Like any anal retentive compu-nerd. I hate two things:
1) When people shorten "anal retentive" to "Anal"
2) When blog people scold you about updating your blog despite their own blogging inadequacies.

The things I love, you ask?
1) the satisfied feeling one gets after making ther web presence nerdier or "better"
2) Bloggin' in my helmet.


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  1. does not count as 2 in 1 day if 1 of 2 said posts contains no worthy content.

  2. and he wonders why i think he's obsessed...

  3. "Hey, is the manager around?" "You are the manager." "Oh yeah. Since we won't get in trouble, take a picture of me screwing around at work." "Okay."