Monday, May 9, 2011

Hey, I'm back again!

So I was sort of at a brick wall tuning wise until I figured out the whole fire hose of gas spewing onto my pant leg. It's tough to just casually ride a bike and tune it when getting near the thing requires a wardrobe change, a breathing mask, and post ride shower.
So I felt it was important to get myself an air filter to catch as much of that extra petrol as possible. I'm not really stoked on the K&N filters that have been getting popular these days. Though I'm sure they do a great job of high air flow while still filtering, they're just a little too oversized for my tastes.
After some searching I came across that Marchald filter I linked to in my last post. WOW! What a great filter. First off, it's really well made. Dual stage foams, metal base, and the rubber adapters that come with it are shaped like velocity stacks to improve the airflow.
I was really impressed at what you get for the price.


I'll test this out this week.
Just as a reminder, I'm switching my blog over to Check it out.

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  1. sweet. going to pick one up when they're back in stock.