Monday, March 28, 2011

Hobbit Makeover

Sometimes I have simple ideas that grow and grow until they boil over into madness.
Friday night I was able to successfully install a malossi 70cc kit on my hobbit, Fright Night.
So, when I heard that Brendan was going to be at his home fixing some bikes I naturally thought that it would be a great opportunity to PAINT THE ENTIRE BIKE. Really guys, this is a horrible idea, don't follow my example. If you want to hurt your back, get horribly frustrated multiple times throughout the day, and cause marital discord, by all means, go ahead and disassemble a bike, spray paint it in the rain, and reassemble it all in the same day.

My photo editing software is being weird at the moment so I wasn't able to get the photos off my camera, I'll update this post with more photos later, but here is one picture stolen from Brendans blog.


In the background of this picture of marital bliss, you can see my hobbit disassembled, laying in pieces.

Painting the frame.

Hang drying the painted pieces (in the rain).

Semi-After, I'm still assembling it in this picture.

Note the angry grimace and determined stare. The light sprinkling of rain throughout the whole paint process added a nice splatter paint effect. Try to replicate it, I dare you.
I eventually got everything back together and triumphantly spewed exhaust into Brendans garage.

Juuuust about complete...


The following day Travis and Rosanna and I went for coffee and wouldn't you know it, that nice fellow lent me a weakends pipe. I got it bolted up and everything performed beautifully.

Just look at the difference between the stock hobbit pipe and an aftermarket pipe.

Considering that I traded my hercules for this bike, and Phil gave me the malossi kit sans ring, and some polini clutch springs, Travis is lending me a weakends pipe, and I spent $2 on spray paint... This bike will be very fast and I have spent $9 of my cold hard cash on it.
I still need to do some tuning of the carb before I am confident that I won't seize the cylinder, but all in all it was a very productive weekend.