Monday, September 27, 2010


Slowly but surely DEATHped Mark 1 is coming together. I spent Saturday down at the Wizard's Lair working on DEATHped.

I brought Phil my fuel tank and he quickly set to work sandblasting it to prepare it for it's eventual deathly black appearance.

Naz was welding away on Hucker Steves pipe. Look at that crack!

I was busy boring away at my engine case so it would mate oh so perfectly with my monster gila kit.
I think it came out pretty nice. This case is my trusty polini matched case that I got from Seth many years ago. It's amazing that even though the polini cylinder is pretty dramatically different than the Gila, the port matching that I will have to do to match is pretty minimal. Neat!

In other news, I got a job about three months ago. An adult job. Currently I am the Marketing Coordinator for a company called OceanGate. We provide services to researchers that want to dive underwater to depths unavailable via scuba. In other words, we have a submarine and we take people deep. 936 ft. deep.
So right now I am at the USC research campus on Catalina Island. I'll be here on and off for the next month so I'm excited to visit the Latebirds at some point.
Here's the sub!
Here I am learning how to use an ROV in the Manhaus pool.
And here is a vista we saw as we 4x4'd to the campus yesterday.


  1. your blog always makes me jealous, but this new job business is too much! growing up reading 'bob ballard' books, that sounds like a wet dream. good luck duder.

  2. Thanks Graham, yeah it's a pretty sweet job. I've been on Catalina for the last three days waiting for our sub to arrive. It's arriving today and then we are going to be doing dives all over the island for the length of October. My job is to document our expeditions and create content with photos and videos. It's pretty interesting. The USC campus here is pretty amazing, I'm really jealous of the USC students.