Thursday, April 8, 2010

When can we stop being called hipsters?

Seriously. There are two things that squares say when they feel inadequate compared to someone younger/cooler:
1) call them a hipster
2) support their hipster claim by pointing out ironic choices the hipster in question made.

Has anyone here ever worn something explicitly to be ironic? It's such an easy game to play! "Hey look at that hipster with his ironic bob marley shirt and and his ironic bongo." That's called a hippy, friendo, not a hipster.

Am I right?!

Special thanks to die hipster for supporting my theory with every post.


  1. Boring and uninspired. Take it to craigslist.

  2. Speaking of friendos that guy/gal could use a pneumatic spike to the temple. Maybe that would allow them to remember a moment of youthful exuberance in days far, far gone.

  3. then what would we call RAS TRENT?