Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Man I wish that mopeds required keys right about now. I was idly looking at Honda VFRs on ebay today and found this product. It's a viking skull mounted to a key blank for a honda VFR. It's really awesome. I imagine myself walking out of a bar, pulling out my viking skull key, and burning rubber into the distance while the sword I have mounted on the back of the bike drags and causes sparks to fly.

Obviously the sword dragging would merely sharpen the weapon. Do you think I'm some sort of idiot and would ruin my sword or something? Duh.

Here is the key in use:


  1. it looks cooler not on the bike

  2. That's because the person neglected to take a cool picture of it on a bike. You should check the other varieties from this ebay store. Awesome.

  3. Awesome, and I have seen a motorcycle very much like the one you describe, adorned in armor and wielding a giant sword on the sissy bar.